Our Mission

To bring older adults into the conversation as our community plans for the future.

To enrich the community through addressing physical spaces, mobility, and healthy lifestyles.

To create opportunities for volunteerism and social and civic engagement.




Ridgewood Housing Resources

Housing options and affordability are primary concerns. This resource listing may assist older adults with information on options and assistance.

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Transportation Resources for Ridgewood Residents

Ridgewood is fortunate to have many private and public transportation services for older adults. You can find services to assist with your transportation needs here.

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Health / Medical

Age Friendly Ridgewood Health & Medical

Many services are available for older adults to provide assistance with medical and mental health needs, fitness, nutrition, insurance, and supportive services.

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Ridgewood Community

A variety of organizations and agencies provide services, information, volunteer opportunities and social gatherings to Ridgewood’s older adults.

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Ridgewood is a Great Place to Live!

Highlighted in our survey responses were these strengths:

  • Curb appeal, property values
  • Availability of quality medical services
  • Public transportation and general walkability
  • Variety of recreational activities
  • Municipal services
  • Longevity of residents and social connections

Give Input for Ridgewood's New Master Plan

Visit: www.visionridgewood.org

We live in a special community and we want our new Master Plan to reflect the priorities of everyone who lives here. Please think about where you want to live as you get older and let the Visioning Process know what you want our town to look like. As we review and rewrite our Master Plan we must identify the key elements that will support and retain our older population.

Two questions are important:
1. Does Ridgewood have a supply of housing that is both affordable to older adults and consistent with their needs?
2. Does it have the necessary policies, plans and programs in place that will provide a range of housing options into the future?